How to use Tmux with iTerm

On centos 6, the tmux version is too old to be used with iTerm integration available on OSX. Either, you run centos7 and use yum, or you download a new version of Tmux from the official web site and compile it:

On the server, create a new detached session named nickyvm-tmux for example:

nickyvm$: tmux new -s nickyvm-tmux -d

Afterwards, on osx make an alias that matches the configution below :

alias stmux_vm="ssh nickyvm -t 'tmux -CC attach -t nickyvm-tmux'"

My tmux configuration file:

set-option -g allow-rename off
set-option -g set-titles on
set-option -g set-titles-string '#T'

Source again your profile, open iTerm and call the alias. Enjoy

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